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Screw the Poodle
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Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in Beris' LiveJournal:

Friday, June 13th, 2003
10:43 am
Slow and Steady
Wow. A week, a mere 7 days from now, I will be hitting the road. Chores are slowly getting done. All furniture is gone and I'm down to Good Will Pile, a Keep (and pack) Pile and Give Away Pile.

As well as liquidating, I've been adding. Got a tuff new rack for the Jeep and a Tuffy box console safe. And since Paris' fat ass has claimed the back of the Jeep, I got a cargo bag to go on the new rack. My life on the road will be limited to 15 cubic feet.

Saw an author interview on Tv this am. The writer - a new Today bookclub author -said she made herself write at least one page per day. I can do that. And Graham Greene(?) wrote only 250 words per day = 1 book per year.

Thus far I have an outstanding assignment for a local mag (a re-issue of a previous article) and I just signed up to do a movie review for Technodyke. As well, I am reading a cute book I'm going to review for them too.

I think I'll have to push to hit Santa Fe to drop off Paris before I go to Ouray. The plan is, though, is to take Paris on a long walk each day and then after a bit of driving, find a nice spot to write. I wonder how long my PC battery will last?

Just saw a cool program on roadside attractions. I'm excited. I want to see them and write about them. I also plan to cache along the way. Even in my own hometown, I've found cool parks and vistas from cache hunting. I also have a Travel Bug that I need to place West of the Mississippi. I've been scouting spots along I-10.

I want to release by own Travel Bug from here, but I want it to be a unique, interesting idea.

Paris has been sticking close by. I've been explaining the trip to him and taking him on short rides to get him used to being mobile again. He just burried two bones in the yard. I wonder if he will be upset to leave them behind?
Thursday, June 5th, 2003
7:30 am
AM Ketchup
Well, yep, I'm retired from real estate now. That reminds me. I need to turn in my multacc key. $100 is attached to that little hunk of metal. Just as I left, all the multacc boxes went digital. A small remote key pad operates the boxes now. Pretty spiffy.

Anywhoooo -- only had two calls regarding *what's up* at work. Both were very brief, managable questions. Still can't get it through my head it's over. (Stains of the Hallelujah Choir)!

In an odd twist of events, Karol decided to give up the road and settle back in Mew Mexico. With an empty house there, she has come back to Fl. for my furniture. With her here and an empty house, I can get a lot done.

Today is Thursday. I blew off a lot of the week, but I did do some necessary chores - sorting, cleaning and mail stuff -- and a tad of homework. Wonder why I just can't get inspired?

Current Mood: blank
Tuesday, May 27th, 2003
7:18 am
Alone with the Truth, or, Trying on Clothes
Yesterday when someone asked me what I did, I firmly said, "I'm a writer." No hemming and hawing -- "I'm a property manager and I also freelance" or " well, I write, but I also have a day gig" or my favorite, "I'm a real estate novelist." Truth is, as of Friday I will have no *real* job as a backup. I will be only a writer.

When I tried out the "I am a writer" thing, it went well. I wasn't challenged, but as expected, the next question was "what do you write." And you know what? I had an answer. As well, the person was impressed. This could be a good conversation starter- like having a big, fuzzy dog ;-)

Also yesterday a writer friend of mine called me to visit. She's a writer with real bound books that you can find in the bookstore. At some point I realized that she saw me as a peer. "What do you think of this?" she asked. "Did you bring anything for me to read? Writers always bring stuff for other writers to read." Just as a side note, this woman was actually a creative writing teacher I had. I used to complain that I needed more feedback from her on how to improve. Basically, she said, "your writing needs very little work." Not worth the price of admission to the class, but it is a sturdy board to stand on when I doubt myself.

I had another nice note on my writing yesterday. An email pal wrote and said: "you have a writing style that is very comfortable to read. In your emails, and in what I read of your journal from the link, you have a style that is very disarming and cozy, homelike. It makes the reader feel like s/he has known you forever and your just sitting down to catch-up."

Damn that's nice. Thanks Huntsville!

Current Mood: happy
Sunday, May 25th, 2003
8:59 am
Things in My Yard
When I came home Friday, there were red flags at the corners of my yard. I'm guessing the survey crew was here -- a good sign. I was getting worried that this last step before the sale would somehow be overlooked. Also Friday the new home owners got some mail at this address. Another good sign.

Last week I found a bike in the yard too -- just dumped in plain sight. It's an adult-sized mountain bike, in pretty good shape. It did have McDonald's ketchup on the handle bars. That ketchup has an unmistakable smell.

I left the bike there but no one came after it. My guess is that it was ripped off and then dumped. Now, maybe I should have called the police and reported it, but the police here have made it clear than they don't give a rat's ass about anything short of gun play. So, I now have the bike in my garage. I feel it is karma based on the fact that I had a bike ripped off in California - kinda of a win some, lose some attitude.

I don't need the bike. And I'd hate to be busted for riding a stolen bike, so what to do with it? I figure I'll take it to a shelter, or I could just park it somewhere and leave it. Like a dead carcass in the woods, the maggots will take care of it.

Current Mood: relaxed
Thursday, May 22nd, 2003
8:57 pm
Hanging on Until Friday

Ok. OK. I'm always tired- but this is different. I have those purple bags under my eyes. Thank god this is a long weekend! I plan on sleeping, sleeping and maybe running out to get a movie. I know if I don't veg I won't make it through the next month.

Today, when the computer crashed at work, I took off and found that allusive geocache. Karol and I went once and I went alone yesterday. I finally emailed the cache owner for help. I was psyched to find it. I wanted to get my hands on the travelbug heading West. I figured it would be a good omen.

Lets' see. I did turn in two book reviews for a local magazine. And over the weekend I guess I should update the story that InMotion wants.

And darn it, I NEED to turn in another assignment for class.

One thing Kate *did* impress upon me is that "writers write." Oh, I have been diligently searching for markets and reading, but I need to WRITE. Someone ask me about those vampire stories!

Tuesday, May 20th, 2003
8:37 pm
Alone Again - Thankfully
Wow. Hear that? It's quiet!

Though Kate departed last week, my buddy Karol has been staying here helping me pack. Her wiggle-dog Lonestar was here too. He likes to stand on my chest at 7 am. Anyway, Karol left today.

I guess we're used to good-byes. Ever since the first time, when she left Florida for NM, it's been ok. When she first left, we were fast friends but we weren't sure where the wind would blow us or if we'd meet again. It was a tearful goodbye. Then, low and behold, I started getting regular letter from her -- long letters. Of course I wrote back -- long letters. Soon I went on vacation to see her and didn't come back for about 10 years. And then, Karol came back with me.

We lived together, then apart. She moved back west and I stayed here. We emailed and chatted so often, I didn't even realize she was gone. Then she came back -- and lived in the next town south. We ended up working together and hanging out. Old habits and the ease of the friendship die hard.

So, now Karol is gone again, and I'm sure we will email and chat often. And I plan on seeing her at her new work-camp job in California.

But the alone-ness! I can watch whatever on tv, stay up late or go straight to bed. As I wrote a friend today, I can fart in peace. I feel like I've been squeezing my cheeks for 9 months.

I think having a solemn retreat is integral to my soul.

Current Mood: thankful
Friday, May 16th, 2003
1:20 pm
Feliz Cumpleanos (to Me)
I'm just telling you once. 37.

Well, just as an update, Kate did make it out of town Wednesday (not Monday as planned). A bitter sweet goodbye. Right now I'm just shell shocked and tired.

Making progress on the house and packing. Karol is staying with me for the week before she heads out, and she has been quite the worker bee -- moving boxes and packing.

First garage sale tomorrow. I'm not quite ready -- but I'll fake it.

Current Mood: ready to be off work
Sunday, May 11th, 2003
4:24 pm
12 Hours or more movies for me

I guess 9 months isn't enough time to get to know someone thoroughly. At 12 hours out from Kate's departure we were scanning the tube and happened upon a dog show. We're both dog folks, so we took a look.

"Hey", I said. "Did you ever see that dog show movie - kinda like Spinal Tap?"

Turns out she hadn't so I popped up to the video store for Best in Show. She loved it; laughed out loud, watched all the deleted scenes and watched the movie again with the director's comments. I was glad she was happy.

At times when we get run down, bored or just plain used to each other, it's refreshing to find that hidden nuggets still remain -- the Easter eggs of relationships.

On the flip side, it was odd picking up other movies; movies just for *me* to watch later in the week. Can you imagine picking a movie just because you want to -- and not having to guess if someone else will like it too?!

Current Mood: relaxed

Saturday, May 10th, 2003
12:30 pm
Material STUFF. When all I want is a nap!
Monday is May 12 -- when Kate leaves to go back to Arizona. She got here on August 12. I guess sticking it out in the high-crime district of Daytona, Florida for nine months is quite an accomplishment for a left-bending Yankee (be'ins this is the South and all).

Where from here? No earthly clue.

The plan is to hook up in a bit and see what happens -- kind of like we're planning on bumping into each other along the path. Neither of us has made a firm commitment. Wonder why? fear, unwillingness? Maybe we're just plane worn out and wondering.

Meanwhile, we're packing -- nothing like waiting till the last minute. Typical, I feel, of Kate when she doesn't want to do something. I've been compelled to help pack. Guess it's good that I can get some of my own sorting and packing done along the way. Anybody need anything? It's all gonna go. I'm in traveling light.

I've never been a "stuff" person. I seem to have accumulated stuff these past few years while fighting to maintain a "real" life-style: job, house ... stuff. It just ain't me! I feel a small tinge of jealousy or *I should* when I hear my young brother has just had a top-producing Million-Dollar month with real estate sales.

Packing seems to be on hold right now -- and I have to deal with Mother's Day stuff today too. My mom has a lot of stuff. What could she possibly want. I picked a combo of fruit and flowers. It's really a pretty cool idea.

I'm also supposed to go look at RVs today; to get a feel for what one might be like full-time.

Current Mood: tired
Wednesday, May 7th, 2003
7:03 am
I think you should start here
My bio is more of an introduction than a plain ole bio. So things make sense, maybe you should start there.

Sunday I had lunch with my best buddy, Karol, and a group of older ladies from the RV park. Karol and the ladies all live in their RVs fulltime. I was telling them about my plans to travel and one of them mentioned that maybe I should check into a small RV -- I could tow my Jeep behind it. It was like being hit in the head. "I could have had a V8." I pictured myself all snug in my camper with dog, and with A LOT of extra space for stuff -- writing stuff and books. It would be more comfortable for ole Paris too.

I prices some used class B and class C campers. If I spent about $26K, and financed it for 5 years, it would end up being about $9 per day cheaper than staying in hotels for the duration. I still need to factor in my sofa-surfing plans (hey - offer me your couch for a few days) and depreciation on the vehicle. It's scary enough not having a job or a house. I don't want to start blowing my cash reserve as well.

Another RVing pal suggested that I *do* finance the RV. That way I won't be out the whole nut at once. I also plan to re-sell the unit after my travels.
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